Go Sing

Go Sing gathers the London based artists Laure Rozier (FR) and Ada Egg Koskiluoma (CH / FIN). They started their duo while studying fine art in Goldsmiths.

The collective explores spaces around a mythology of identity, virtual desires and relationships through sound and poetry. Our previous performances, as well as the weekly radio show How to Love Bite a Squid, create a strange hinterland, a new kind of a virtual space inhabited by characters which seem to be ever-shifting, using their voices to explore sonic fiction, engaging in the question of the self being multiple – malleable and versatile on their own account. In producing their sound the two rely on the others gaze, questioning the importance of the opposites presence and how this changes as they adapt different voices, narratives and selves.

Go Sing uses soundscapes as a form of communication – an extension of touch. The disembodied sound travels through the performer and the audience simultaneously being a carrier of vigour, yearning and lust. A process of leaving reality and entering a territory that we have envisioned or claimed ourselves, fantasizing about an alternate nonhi-erarchical ecology.




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