Go Sing gathers South East London artists laure rozier (they/them) and Ada Egg Koskiluoma (she/her). In their sound, texts and performances they explore the landscape of love, rivalry, desire and companionship. The interplay and dynamics of the gaze traveling between the two performers runs through their fiction and sound, spawning an intimacy that is viscous and tender.

Their work expands on the role of the unapologetic body which embraces its fluidity and continual state of stretching and transforming – if you want it, you can get it.

The duo dreams of creatures with bodies that exceed fleshiness yet are grounded in desire; introducing elements of competition, softness and sexual aestheticization of characters who submerge themselves into environments which are ever evolving and mirroring them.

They released their first EP "she asks you politely" in 2020.




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