TENDERRIPPLEFLUX on Cashmere radio (08/11/2021)
Full episode

hosted by @xxartwife + @aemlx.global 

Episode one: “The Ritual of Unboxing”

Features pieces by:
Liina Magnea - “Sehnsucht” @mmaaggnneeaa
Cru Encarnacao+Bungalovv - “The Borg Erotikum 2.0” @_cru___ @bungalovv
Go Sing - “An Extended Welcome” @gosinghotline
Emilia Kurylowicz - “The Technicolor Raunchspace”

Visual-photographies of sculptures by Barbaros Kisakol @barbaroskisakol
TRF type: Wro Wrzesińska @wrowrz
concept+design: @aemlx.global
teaser features excerpt of “The Borg Erotikum 2.0”

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