Radio show (1h / weekly), 2019 - 2020

Experimental music and poetry, featured weekly on Wired Radio (London) and p-Node Radio (France)

"They like it slow" dreamy synths or seducing steady beats. Traveling on a wave of sound, the feeling of a hand underneath your t-shirt, slowly stroking the hair on your legs. A single drop of sweat running over your brows getting into your eyes. Everything seems blurry now but you enjoy it. Its a slow heat eating you but you give up and sink into it ready for what is to come. The sound of ice cubes and a waterfall in the background, your shoulder muscles relax you know this is not the radio playing in the corner of the massage room but so many associations you get confused maybe you are on a massage table. its the ears that are doing this to you, you leave your body and become a wave too.

The hosts Matt and Alex. Two boi-ish driven by the compulsive need of seducing and being seduced by everything and everyone around them. They live with the impossibility of finding true fulfilment in seducing oneself. Obsessed by their own appearance, desires and feelings, they scan the gazes surrounding them, playing with self betterment narratives and obsessive relation to body lotions and fluids. A form of emancipation through sonic sensuality.

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