Go Sing

The stories of Linda Tower - Ep 1 (1h)
Featured on Noods radio 11/04/2021

Linda Tower
featuring sonic fiction of
Lazy + Clever 

both looking for :
liquid distraction
feelings and diversions
leisure and
a way of plunging into
dissolvable pleasure

Girls are greedy

spilling over their fluids into 
grassy limbs, yea
skin as sponge and then
a soapy bubble

the long and flirty one
meeting the other soft and perky
their hair, wet, always
steamy, you think

fingers all over
sprouting around
acting thick

it's a wild garden
where you can't stop
one from hearing
or grower from growing

in a slipping gesture of holding
an intimacy lurking in the open air

Linda Tower, 

transforming one into two 
garden angle optional 
observer status granted 

two ears peeking between blooming garden shrubs 
these voices meet all your expectations
drooling and drowsy 
scented and moisturised 

Linda Tower
Linda Tower
Linda Tower
Linda Tower

visual by Lova Ranung @lova.ranung

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